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Anne Marie Kelly has two distinct, yet complementary current career paths, one as a player in the world of the arts with productions in film and music, and the other as an Integrative Psychotherapist with a special interest in trauma, anxiety, panic and stress.

Artist’s Statement: In all areas of my work, truth, honesty and congruence with the self, is what drives me.  Art, Drama and Music of all mediums and genres, serve as my link to mental wellness as I process the disconnects, hurts and disenfranchisements that my therapeutic work brings.

Currently she is working on the video content for her singles NEW THING and STUPID LOVE SONG, with a short film reflection piece, MOMENT, in the sapling production stages.  In early 2024, she released a Gothic style music video to accompany her single GET OUT.  In the summer of 2023, she released the single, FOLLOW YOUR INSTINCT, which had a rich experience having been entered to the National Song Contest. In the same year, she released her short music video, RIB, as part of her album release of the same name.

A Meisner trained actor, she released GOD GIVEN OPPORTUNITY in 2020, which she wrote and directed.  2018 saw the release of her award-winning short film, MA, some months after the release of her exhibition VIRGIN MOTHER WHORE…WOMAN, which was accompanied by her boutique exhibition, ROOTS & WINGS.  From VIRGIN MOTHER WHORE…WOMAN came the album of the same name.  She featured in David Freyne’s THE CURED (2017) and in Baz David’s THE HISTORY OF THIS MOMENT (2016).   A familiar face on Dublin’s Jazz Scene for twenty years, she has played with the cream of Irish and International talent.  Her earlier years in music were spent in the Indie Rock community with SMOKED OAK, where she developed her craft as a singer/songwriter.  With an early career in business and finance, she involved herself with the Irish Blood Transfusion Service as a guest speaker having received life-saving blood donations in 2006.  In the mid-nineties she lobbied to raise awareness for the needs of those with learning disabilities through “Parents and Siblings Alliance”

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