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RIB the album

What lies beneath, beyond and before…

The dance between the Worlds External and Internal is a perpetual influencer in the work of Anne Marie Kelly.  Responding to experiences from her psychotherapy practice along with her own growth and development over the various life stages thus far, she explores the Shadow Self, the Identity, the Sexuality, the Age, the Mask…  What lies beneath, beyond and before…

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The Songs

We see her bring this lens to our Irish Identity in "New Thing” where she peers beneath the veil on our Irish Image at our bruised underbelly of addiction and homelessness. 

In RIB, we hear her softened mature voice reclaim the body that has fumbled its way through the shackles and assumptions of the Irish society of the 70s, when porn material invaded the bubble of Catholicism, throwing out a confused, disenchanted, teenage girl.

Her sexuality wrestles with the perceived power imbalance as she saccharines and spits in “Stupid Love Song”, giving voice to her own desire, beyond the curtain of politeness and good girl behaviour. 

“Dirty Little Deed” explores our held private truths, our hidden selves, the within relationship dynamic in the reality of love.

A freedom from the constraints experienced gets to sing and dance in “You Like Me”.  Simple and young in its lyrics and groove, it is unburdened, loose, taking fun from the cultural identities that once were endurances.

The authentic and the insincere come to dance off in “Pretty Lady” where her witnessing of the impact of Social Media on the mind, the mood and the self-concept come in for scrutiny.

“You Don’t Know” playfully pokes at our free living culture, with a subtle head nod towards self protection.

Female, Feminine, Woman, Mother, Lover, Life - the exploration continues and will find its way here in the singles to come, to give harmony to the melody of the album RIB.

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Team RIB

All songs on RIB written by Anne Marie Kelly, with “New Thing” cowritten with Ken Stanley, Tom O’Donovan and Des Nolan.  All recordings and full instrumental Arrangements by Lucas Gonzalez.  Mixing and Mastering by Ger McDonnell on “New Thing”.  All other songs Mixed and Mastered by Miguel Dembora.

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