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“Ma” is a short film written in response to a late night interview where the Mother of a man who had been murdered spoke of attending the trial of his murderer.  Day on day she sat in the same seat as she watched and listened, and thought to herself that no one could ever be asked to sit in so difficult a seat.  As the trial progressed, she observed the mother of the man who had killed her son, the grief she bore, and thought that as cruel a cross as her’s was, there were crosses harder to bear.

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Anne Marie Kelly

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Jamie McClean


Meath film festival

Disappear Here Film Festival

Still Voices Film Festival

Toronto Irish Film Festival

Female Eye Film Festival

IFI WFT Brief Encounters Film Festival

Kerry International Film Festival

Fastnet Film Festival

Louth Film Festival


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KIFF outside
Disappear here programme
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Toronto irish film festival programme
Still Voices Festival Programme Image
Disappear here award with organiser Michael
KIFF Showing
Still voices 4
KIFF Cover
Iffy organiser
Disappear here family with best actor award
iffy programme
Iffy 1
Iffy 1
Disappear here i am only a head

Watch "MA" on Vimeo

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