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the movie

I have a clear memory of standing in a shoe-makers, waiting in line to order leather soles for my Father’s brogues. From one wall the Virgin Mary smiles down on me. From the other, the heavy breasted beams of page 3 girls glisten. I’m about eleven years old. What is it to be a woman? The new buds on my chest cower beneath the confusing glare of being female, of suddenly being thrust into a realm where my body will be desired and discarded depending on the behaviours I choose.In RIB, we see the reclaiming of the nude female form, where it is revered, nurtured, valued and raised to its beautiful vulnerability with gratitude for the soul and life form it has carried through this earthly journey.In psychotherapy terms, this woman is embodying Erik Erikson’s Stage 8 “Integrity vs Despair” where, through movement and connection with another actress, her gratitude for a rich and varied life experience is displayed.The viewer will be taken on an emotional journey of empathy and love as the screen opens up to beauty in the aged skin, in falling into the soul within older eyes.



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